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Bringing you the latest with reviews, news, trivia, and facts. Kill the Dead is a horror movie podcast and website launched in 2018 by a horror nerd with a knack for the exploration of the macabre. Old and new, we got you covered every other week!

Grae: Host+Editor


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Resident nerd of terror, Grae has been a horror fiend ever since Pumpkinhead was summoned. East coast native living in central Texas. On the hunt for everything to do with the horror genre. Traveling whiskey drinker and storyteller at large. He’s a zombie lover at heart, but begs for more gore! Favorite movie: Halloween and Scream

Ash: Co-host+Social Media Manager



Ash is an avid horror movie fan from Cincinnati, Ohio. Having an interest in the horror world since a young age, Ash is bringing her knowledge and love for the genre to Kill the Dead podcast. In her free time besides watching movies, Ash enjoys volunteer work, attending conventions, and relaxing with her dogs. Favorite movie: She will happily answer “The Exorcist”.


Brandon: Co-host


Brandon is the definition of the nerdy veteran you invite to a party for hilarious spaz moments. Originating from Ohio, His horror love started when he watched Aliens and img_1949Pumpkinhead with his father. From horror video games (shoutout to Resident Evil and Silent Hill for keeping him up as a child.) to books (Feed, The Apartment keeping him up as a grown man.) He just embraces horror at its roots. he is currently working out in Colorado now, and convincing his wife to watch horror movies with him while they lay in bed with their pup. If you ask him his favorite horror movie he will proudly and happily say Silent Hill. If you ask him for his favorite horror games, you will still hear this man say Silent Hill.


Devin: Co-host 


img_4596Devin was born and raised in Detroit but is now living the high-life in New Jersey…
home to Jason Vorhees, Angela Baker, and Teresa Guidice. In addition to drunk-
tweeting Devin also runs, a horror blog from a queer perspective. If you ask him wants his favorite movie he’ll quickly answer A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Jules: Contributor 


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“Mad professor” Jules has been a fan of horror since that fateful birthday party in 1994 which featured “It” on VHS. She is a California Mountain kid, transplanted (currently) in North Florida. Avid consumer of psychological horror, and religious-themed frights, you can find her curled up with her dog watching all manner of spine-chilling movies and TV. A fellow whiskey drinker, Jules and Grae have shared in adventures that date back over 15 years.  Academic at large and protected by the spirit of the Florida Man, Jules will be serving up blog posts centered on the revitalized genre of TV/Mini-series horror. Favorite horror movie: Always and forever, “The Shining”.

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