Ruin Me

Ruin Me Horror,Thiller



Trysta A. Bissett

Preston DeFrancis


Preston DeFrancis


Marcienne Dwyer

Matt Dellapina

Chris Hill

Eva Hamilton

The set-up of the film and Alex reasons for being there. Leads to predictable results. The other personalities will immediately engage you, and the central concept of a overnight horror slasher immersive experience which develops into real-life horror is inspired and exciting. The premise is quite unique. Has it been done before in this format? I don’t know, it’s enough to keep you on the ride until it unfolds. The ending is a little cheesy and the acting is little to be desired. All in all it’s a solid little adventure!

Currently on Shudder and slated for release in October 2018.

Scare: 2 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Watch

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