Bonus Episode My Soul to Keep/ Housewives of Dallas

Kill the Dead is back with internet technical difficulties and a review of My Soul to Keep


Episode Resident Evil: Degeneration

Kill the Dead Podcast is back with a review of the 2008 film Resident Evil: Degeneration. Then the crew discusses horror mediums and the way people get their thrills.

[News] New Child’s Play Reboot Set Photo

Earlier today bloodyflicks tweeted a photo of what appears to be production photo from the set of Childs Play Remake. In this photo we see Audrey Plaza and what is more than likely her stunt double posing. The photo happens to showcase the buddi doll variants. Marketed on the box as Buddi 2. Which raises…

[Television] Hulu’s December Line Up Of Horror

Starting today here what you can look forward to on Hulu this month. Available December 1st Black Rain (1962) Black Water (2008) Carnival of Souls (1998) Devil’s Rejects (2005) Don’t Answer the Phone (1980) Friday the 13th (1980) Friday the 13th Part 11 (1981) Friday the 13th Part 111 (1982) Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1984) Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) Friday the…