[Video] The Evolution of Michael Myers

Michael Myers still looks good after all these years. From the 1978 Halloween to the 2018 reboot-sequel let’s go through Michael’s evolution, looks and story!


[News] HALLOWEEN 2018 Alternative Opening That Could’ve Been

It appears as though David Gordon Green kicked around the idea of reshooting the original Halloween’s iconic ending from another point of view. Perhaps killing off one of the franchise’s most iconic characters. Ryan Turek, co-founder and Blumhouse Director of Development gave an alternate opening considered for 2018’s Halloween On a recent episode of  Shockwaves  podcast….

Halloween 2018 Happen So Where Do​ We Go From Here?​

This past October the world got to see “The rematch 40 years in the making” Micheal’s return for the girl who got away. Whatever you would like to call it, it’s cinematic history! Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle return to their iconic role. The prince of darkness himself, John Carpenter, returned to produce. Unlikely…


As the morning sun rises and sobriety or possibility hangovers kick in. Most of us are filled with gloom, sadly Halloween has ended.  Even though I believe it starts earlier and earlier every year. The joyous 31 days of mischief and mayhem comes to an abrupt halt. Hours and hours of binge-watching classics, visits to…