2018 Oscar Nominations

Now you might be thinking, why the fuck am posting anything about the oscars?

My answer is 3 fold.

A) “The Shape of Water,” a love story mute woman and an amphibious creature, meet at a top secret facility. Leading the way with 13 nominations! Of course I know that this has very little to do with the horror genre one the surface. This adventure/fantasy movie really is like a modern day creature feature to me. Which for the sake of this entry is why I think that it’s important that a movie like is is doing so well.

2) “Get out,” the most race-based horror movie combines genuine thrills with a no-holds-barred critique of dynamics of African Americans perceive by white people. I’m not even sure if that sums it up correctly. However, it is commanding four nominations including beat picture.

Lastly, although I doubt that either one of these film will win as much as then should if any. It is important that these films get the nominations! I want to believe we are at the beginning of an era. Where are actors are judged by the performance that they give, not the vehicle in which it was presented. Might I add, perhaps we are also on the cusp of films that can be judge for the content and not there genre.

Long time first time

When it comes to subject matter for a first post. Many of thoughts flow through my mind. Should I just dive in and do a review, rant about halloween, think of click bait, practice run on sentences or close my laptop and watch a film. Try not to use words like troupe and genre film.  Yes I realize the irony of using them just then. So fuck it, I guess I’ll start with the January troupe of New Year resolutions.

I don’t mean as in I’m looking to work out more, go back to school or save more money. I find most people enjoy the ideology of it all but lack the follow through after the first week. I on the other hand just intend to spend more time with things I like to do the most i.e.: horrors moves! As much as I enjoy these movies I don’t think I really spend that much time exploring it. We all have our favorites, halloween musts and of course the one! You know that one  when you find out your friend has never seen it and you have to stop everything to show it to them ASAP! For me that film is the 1983 gem Sleepaway Camp.  Pretty sure most of you have heard of it or surely have seen it. If not, I’ll be happy to show you!

Over the years I’ve viewed many of flims. A lot of bad ones, a lot of horrible ones and some of the best ones. Directed by  the masters of horror Argento,  Carpenter, Cohen, Coscarelli, Hooper, Landis,and Miike. Lets not forget the new class as well. Abrams, Blum, Ho, Flanagan, Mancini, Peele, Shyamalan, Soska, Wan, and Whannell. Before anyone gets their asshole all  clenched. I’m well aware these later names aren’t masters yet. However, I’ve enjoyed their bodies of work. Which of gets me excited about their projects yet to come. Also I’m aware that some of these names are more so known for  their productions companies.

To me horror is defiantly in a renaissance period  right now. This is a great time to pay attention to everything going on in the community.  Which I just need to get to my point. Right now is keep of exciting time for horror! It seems that the era of the remake is finally dead. I want to explore it and fucking enjoy it.