Episode Whats Good Wit Cha?/On the Trail of Bigfoot

Kill the Dead Podcast is back with a review of the 2019 documentary On the Trail of Big Foot. Shoot the shit about horror and celebrate the Career of John Singleton


Bonus Podcast Episode Interview with Director of Mandao of the Dead Scott Dunn.

“Mandao (Man-Day-Oh) of the Dead is about an unambitious guy named Jay Mandao who lives frugally off his late father’s cereal royalties. He wants nothing more than to live in solitude but is duped into taking in his adult nephew-in-law, Jackson. As Halloween approaches, Jay begins having odd dreams and comes to find that he has the ability of astral projection. Jay and Jackson are approached by a ghost who has a small window of opportunity to reverse his death at the hands of Jackson’s murderous ex-girlfriend.”

[BONUS EPISODE] 13 Nights of Halloween Episode Primal

A group of friends travel into the Australian wilds to view ancient cave paintings but soon find a horrible sickness gripping one of their own, which leaves them with nothing in their mind but a primal blood lust.