Halloween Tickets On Sale

Halloween ticket have officially been on sale since October 5th. As a special incentive, moviegoers who skip the box office and use Fandango will get a download of the new theme song from the soundtrack by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies.

If you would like to pre-order the vinyl like me! The entire album is available  to be ordered and will be released the same day as the movie over at Sacred Bones Records.

Don’t forget the classic original is also here

For showtimes and ticket information click HERE.


Join The Team

Kill the Dead is looking to engage our horror community on a more frequent basis. Our  website is slowly growing up and we want provide more of the film news, reviews, insight and just fun in general. Thats why we need you!

Currently we’re on the hunt for other creative people in our community! Are you a horror journalist, want to become one or just looking to have fun? Then we want you to have a home to express your thoughts and views.



  • First and foremost have an interest, above average admiration or obsession for the horror genre!
  • A minimum of 2 editorials  pieces are required to contribute a month.
  • Contributors will have to actively participate in email chain. This position requires  5-6 hours of your commitment a month. Be open to assignments, also bring your own ideas. Basically were looking for a team player.

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