Jordan Peele’s Turns the Mirror Back At US

Beginning in 1986 “Us”opens with a young girl and her parents wandering through the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Under the watch of her careless father. The girl strays away from him, almost as if she is being lead away. Walking out to and empty beach, amidst a thunder storm. Finding herself leering at an attraction just down the pier, she enter and soon there after become disoriented in hall of mirrors. Only to discover the unthinkable —her doppelgänger.

Next we find ourselves in present day, the Wilson family is heading towards arriving at their vacation home. All grown up now, the little girl Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o), returning to Santa Cruz beach. Her husband, Gabe (Winston Duke), an over compensating alpha ignoring his wife’s uneasiness. Tries to make her feel at ease so they can take their kids Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex) to the beach and meet up with family friends, the Tylers (Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker) and their twin daughters. Baby Emma Geller-Green for all you “Friends” fans. For a brief moment Jason goes missing, returning safe and sound. The event puts an end to the beach outing and the family turns in for the night. Shortly after 11:11pm the tranquil night is uprooted with a power shortage. Quickly becoming the least of their worries, once their home is broken into by the most unlikely set of trespassers their doppelgängers.

It’s from here Peele takes us down the rabbit of vengeance. Teetering on the duality of people and society. Some progress get made as the Wilson family fights to survives the intrusion. As the night unfolds, so does the understanding of how wide spread the epidemic is. Much like America’s current state the movies is messy and clunky at things but when coupled with all the tones, themes and even Easter eggs. Keep your eyes peeled at all times. The film is it’s own amusement park laced with tons of clues!Us does not disappoint, if only we could all look at ourselves for what we are and not just what we think we are. Film number 2 in the series of 4 Peele is really flexing talent behind the camera.


Jordan Peele


Jordan Peele


Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker


Thiller Drama

For more in depth spoiler review Check out the next of kill the dead podcast where will explore theories. Us is in theater’s this weekend! Let us know on Facebook what you thought about it!


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