[Review] A Terrifying​ Tale Of Stolen Online Identity ‘Cam’

Cam is a remarkably thrilling film not because the audience gains insight into the sex work world. Coming across in a manner that is engaging and genuine, with the help of the underlying social commentary. Things we all have stood guilty of as a society. Faithful to most Blumhouse choices, Cam is exceedingly relatable. Tiptoeing around the aspects of mental health issues surrounding being an online personality. Anyone that had the identity stolen understands the fear of never being able to get it back. Though, stolen identity isn’t the only narrative being told.


Investing everything she has to increase the amount likes, subscribers and most of all fame! Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale) plays Lola, a young woman whose rising career as a cam girl takes on a sinister twist when she wakes up to realize her cam personality has been stolen by what appears to be her a doppelganger. Brewer showcases that Tom Hardy isn’t the only actor that does a great job balancing the dual roles. Her performance as the original Lola is a ball of shredded nerves, bitten fingernails, and manifest fear, whereas the impostor is a more polished, friendly, and thoughtless version of our heroine.

Alice is both a victim and her own hero.  Director Daniel Goldhaber and screenwriter Isa Mazzei, a former sex worker herself, demonstrate the vulnerability of online sex workers. They’re still perceived part of a conflicted subculture that is both private and immensely beloved, yet when it comes to the camera talent’s humanity, everyone is very much alone!

Cam resists become a docudrama about sex work that actually focuses on the women. At the same time not being a horror that is gratuitous amounts of T&A to grab hold of the viewer. In its strongest moments, the movie resembles a thought to provoking conversation piece. Alice appears to have learned nothing as she plans to return to work. That leaves you full of questions about the idea of individuality, uniqueness, and oneself.





Daniel Goldhaber

Isa Mazzei


Daniel Goldhaber



Madeline Brewer

Patch Darragh

Melora Walters

Devin Druid



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