J.J. Abrams production company Bad Robot WWII horror/action flick Overlord was released this weekend. Originally rumored to be an extension to the Cloverfield series, has failed to capture moviegoers. One could contend it’s not exactly bringing a new concept to the table. Nazi zombies have been around for a while. Dead Snow, Frankenstein’s Army, and the Outpost franchise to name a few have all visited this concept before. Overlord takes that tried-and-true concept and turns it up a level raising the undead the Third Reich to once again threaten the world, but this time with a unique twist all its own.

MV5BMTY4MTQxNDk2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDAzMTkzNjM@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,744_AL_Set on the eve of D-Day in German-occupied France, Overlord chronicles American paratroopers and their reluctantly befriended French ally as they attempt to foil the Hilters minions. A fresh take on a classic war story quickly turns into a night no will forget and barely survive. Nazi’s are conducting terrifying medical experiments depicting only what nightmares could be made of, helping so-called patients better serve them.

Director Julius Avery remains clever, he knows you need to care about his characters to get invested in the action, not wasting time with details that won’t pay off in the narrative. Overlord develops a storyline that leaves you vested in the characters. Each introduction of a character is balanced with tones that connect the audience to their individual story. Leaving moviegoers rooting for our heroes to make it to the end; while they are still kicking ass!

WEB_TicketGFXDelivering this film sans the Cloverfield moniker perhaps is a bold move. Overlord had a $38 million budget, unfortunately, opening night sales only earned a mere $4 million. Leaving this opening weekend looking rather bleak for breaking even. Overlord absolutely should be viewed in movie theaters. Support the Bad Robot team and show them some box office love today!







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