[News]Two Iconic Franchises Are Celebrated Today.

The larger of the two milestones (pun intended) Childs Play celebrates  30 years since it’s release November 9, 1988. Inspired by the real like craze of the pop culture phenomenon Cabbage Patch Dolls. childs-play-reboot.pngDon Mancini penned a script that would eventually become Childs Play. Once director Tom Holland (Fright Night)became attached, the project developed into the franchise that we all know and love to this day. Still flourishing with a television show and reimaging in the works. A 30 years young the Childs Play franchise, really is proving to be your friend to the end!


In 1984, Wes Craven introduced audiences to not only one of the most iconic horror movies of the decade, but one of the most iconic figures in horror in general. A serial killer that murdered teenagers in their sleep.  Freddy’s  Krugger was derived bullies from Wes Cravens childhood and real-life experiences.

Played by Robert Englund, Freddy has become one of the most recognized horror icons to date. Burned body, red and green sweater, fedorimagea and finger knives character has spawned 7 films, 1 remake, 1 spin-off and 1 television show.


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