Halloween 2018 Happen So Where Do​ We Go From Here?​

This past October the world got to see “The rematch 40 years in the making” Micheal’s return for the girl who got away. Whatever you would like to call it, it’s cinematic history! Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle return to their iconic role. The prince of darkness himself, John Carpenter, returned to produce. Unlikely a draft pick for a writer Danny Mcbride and David Gordon Green at the helm directing. All backed by Jason Blumhouse himself. I mean how could this movie fail? Well, technically it did!

Certainly, the response in your mind must be “WTF.” What I mean by this, is probably by now you’ve listened to our podcast. Something in the movie appeared off and my superfan senses were tingling. It wasn’t until I heard the guys over at Horror Movie Podcast talk about it in their episode that I found out there was a first cut of the film that failed in audience testing. I didn’t think to do any super sleuthing at that point because I didn’t want it to ruin my experience going into the movie. Assuming the film lacked the usual stuff gore, action, and more tonal development. Normal things you come to expect. Never did I think there was a shift in narrative.

Laurie Strode, “The Monster” a rumor for me at this point but does hold some weight. If the original version of the film, Laurie caused the accident that leads to Meyers escape. Making her the sole responsible party for everything that unfolded after that. Explaining why that dinner scene delivers as a little disconnected. Laurie knifeNot to mention the knife fight between Laurie and The Shape that was teased in the trailer. Although, the audience never comes close to getting a chance to watch it all unfold.

However, this is not the reason we are here today. We need to know what happens now. What will become of the Strode women? How did Meyers escape his new cage? We need a sequel! Traditionally, each director has done two entries each with there version of Micheal. For us fans, that means Mr. David Gordon Green needs to oblige us.

Ignoring the other films from the franchise. The timeline has been realigned and to create possibilities for a new generation to enjoy. Although, does that mean we can’t borrow concepts from them? Let’s swallow the suspension of disbelief pill for a second.season of the witch Bringing it back to 1963, the night Michael Myers adorned his first mask. The same night he murdered his sister Judith. What if that very first mask was a prototype for the Silver Shamrock Foundation. Imparting evil on young Micheal, ancient witchcraft really could be the explanation for the rampage of killings. Halloween III: Season of the Witch could finally be understood and give a little credibility to Halloween 6: Curse of Micheal Meyers.

Calling back to Halloween 2018 opening sequence. Meyers has been dormant for 40 years. Hasn’t shown signs of wanting to kill at all! Till the mask has been brought back to Meyers. Two magnets being almost connected summons chaos at the psychiatric ward. Dismissing the brother and sister kinship between Micheal and Laurie, now allows anyone to become a victim.

40 years later, could it be that Meyers sole motivation for killing is the mask is making him? Is it possible ancient witchcraft leads Meyers back to Haddonfield? Taking it a step further, Laurie Strode admit that she was married twice. Though, It’s never stated Karen is from either one of those marriages. Opening up the door for Laurie’s other timeline children most recent John Tate and fan favorite Jamie Lloyd to return. Perhaps Laurie had other children in secret within this timeline. Not acknowledging is them to keep them safe.

Would fans care for a sequel that brought back Danielle Harris or Josh Hartnett? Incorporating the theme from Season of The Witch gives the audience a reason to understand Meyers without having to lean on the theory that he is Laurie’s brother.

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With Michael being the Babysitter Killer, I always thought Laurie was ‘the one who got away’. And yes, I like the theory of Laurie causing the accident! And I think daughter was in on it the entire time! Hence, the TRAP at the end.


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