Could the Springwood Slasher Be Coming Back To Elm Street?

It’s no secret that Hollywood sometimes runs ideas for horror movies. Case in point the short live era of the remake! Thanks to multiple successful low budgets, high revenue tactics over at Blumhouse. The idea that the horror genre has hit a renaissance period, isn’t too far off when you think about. Although, most of the hits are primarily from one production company! Fans probably aren’t complaining at who is producing all these hits.

You can’t deny that the fine folks at Blumhouse are on to something! The question is can lightning strike twice? After the recent success of the course/timeline correction of David Gordon Greens Halloween.  Which showcases how to breathe life into a 40-year-old franchise and still respect it’s past.  Surely has to have somebody gears turning “What franchise can we do next?”

Robert England recently reprised his role on an episode on The Goldbergs, as the only one true Freddy Kruger, in most peoples opinion. Due to the failure of the 2010 remake, that most fans may not even beware exist. Recently in an interview with EW. Heather Langenkamp said this about returning to Elm Street on more time.

Heart of Summer“I’m sitting here like any other scream queen in Hollywood, hoping that they revive their franchise,” says Langenkamp, with a laugh. “I’m not alone! I know of lots of other horror heroines who have this little bit of spring in their step thinking about the chance of perhaps being in [new versions of] the movies that they helped make famous as young people. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s definitely something I would love to do.”

There aren’t any official talks about this actually happening but I’m sure fans would love to see both Heather and Robert take a return to the franchise one last time.

I haven’t [heard anything about a new film],” she says. “I certainly keep up with friends at New Line Cinema, and so I would expect if Warner Bros. or New Line Cinema — whoever — would put something like that together, I would imagine that I would know. So, the fact that I don’t know leads me to believe that it’s probably not in the works.”




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