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The Predator



Shane Black

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Shane Black





Boyd Holbrook

Trevante Rhodes

Jacob Tremblay

Keegan-Michael Key
When it was announced that Shane Black was returning to the franchise to direct. I’ll admit I was excited for the film to come. Unfortunately, I think this inevitably lead to me to know too much about the film in advance. Headline after headline about how bad the film was an extensive reshoot. Normally I don’t get too wrapped up in other peoples opinions before viewing a film.

Maybe I should start my opinion, The Predator really is a solid entry into the franchise. Despite the mixed reviews that have been circulating. For me, it ranks right behind the original.

  • Predator
  • The Predator
  • Predator 2
  • Predators
  • Alien VS Predator
  • AVP: Requiem

The film does seem a little sedated in the tension department. Mostly due to the editing, in some scenes, it does feel like it was unfinished. For example, Sean Keyes (Busy)  is definitely a relative of the previous character from the 1992 sequel Peter Keyes. Played by his real-life father Gary Busy, seems like that worth mentioning on screen. But as we see in the film his character was kind of a throwaway. Clearly leading me to believe that there was more to the scenes, I would love to watch a directors cut of this film. Too many hands in the pot.

On the plot! Quinn McKenna (Boyd) and his ragtag team of PTSD stricken vets. Have to defend themselves from the attack of the Predator, or so they think. The film takes a turn in the second act with the debut of the evolving Predator. The larger than life Predator destroys the original Predator in a matter of minutes. The plot thickens and the team has to flee and regroup. As they continue to hide from a secret military group that is aware the Predators and have been keeping them a secret since the original film.

Yes, that’s right this film is not a remake or reboot to the franchise. It even took the time to acknowledge a couple of the visits on screen. Not knowing what the original vision of this film. It’s hard to say this is a great action movie. It looks a feels a choppy at best, the banter between Coyle(Michael-Key) and Baxley (Jane) worked well but it still doesn’t flow well. Again I’ll chalk it up to bad editing. The movie is funny or you can see where it was a good attempt. There was just a huge lack of tension, which would explain why the jokes can’t land. I would be enjoying seeing them exchange back and forth some more. overall the acting was done well by everyone involved.

The hard fact is, he was just to much bad press circulating around this film for it have ever been a blockbuster.  Take a note from DCU, the MCU  formula doesn’t work for every franchise you’re better off sticking with what worked before. Releasing it to VOD may have played better to actual Predator fans. To generate enough buzz to get a sequel to in made. As the film eludes to at the very end. Which walking back to the parking lot, the thought of why didn’t they just use that in this film!


Currently in Theaters


Scare: 2 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Pass… wait for the blu ray and let’s hope there’s a better cut!


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