[Review] Slice

A Review of: Slice 2018



Austin Vesely


Austin Vesely




Zazie Beetz

Hannibal Buress

Joe Keery

Chris Parnell

A24’s newest film Slice may come off as a bit of a greasy genre film. Don’t worry I’ll spare you any more puns! Starting Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2, Atlanta), Chris Parnell (Archer, Rick and Morty), Paul Scheer (The League, Veep) along with the film debut of Chance Bennett aka Chance the Rapper. Writer and director making his first feature length film debut, music video  director Austin Vesely.

Now enter the world of Slice, where the living and ghost(I’d like to thing zombies) live together in peace. Alongside witches and werewolves just so everyone is included. Slice is a world where  the jokes are delivered quick and furious, and messy gore filled  murders. When a mysterious slayer starts offing the delivery people in this ode to slasher movies. Turning it into a who done it murder mystery mixed with dash of a getaway.

Leaving Dax (Bennett) the prime suspect for the Perfect Pizza Murders, being that his return to Kingfisher coincides with the time of the murders. Kingfisher is a small town, a small town with secrets. Secrets that could lead to more that what anyone thinks. For example the gateway to hell.

Slice is the perfect get together with your friends slasher. Don’t get bogged down in the plot holes. It can be enjoyed just on the surface level with out having to dive in to the “why” of it all. Hilarious from start to finish, Slice is on it’s way to becoming a cult classic. For damn sure for the stoners out there! Check it out with your friends, you’ll be happy you did!

Currently on VOD

Scare: 3 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Watch


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