[Review] Mandy



Release Year: 2018


Panos Cosmatos

Aaron Stewart-Ahn


Panos Cosmatos


Nicolas Cage

Andrea Riseborough

Linus Roache

Ned Dennehy

Right off the top this film is not going to be for everyone! With that being said this is one of the best fucking movies I’ve seen this year! Nick Cage fans can rejoice and let the meme’s begin! Not too much about this film will disappoint. His performance in this film is captivating, it may take a while to get there though.  It’s a super slow burn leading up to what we all want to see. Like almost the first hour of the film. My only negative, unless you’re tripping balls or into that scene  the first act movie will come off a little too art house cinema for most audiences, hang in there. The pay off  is worth like immensely  worth it!

While you wait, you may have notice that in the opening credits Jóhann Jóhannsson did the score for this. One of his final scores and it does not disappoint at all. A combination of his trademark ambiance  genre and the sound of 80’s slashers. Johann was pioneer in what a film score can be! His talent will defiantly but of course not forgotten!

This trance like revenge story that is disheartening, melancholy and above all a love story encased in revenge. Audiences will join Cage on the ride to hell. Against a cult leader and the half cenobite half mad max thugs. This movie is so exciting that you won’t spend time worrying about plot holes or back story. Panos Cosmatos has made a master piece in terms of love story and love letter to the 80’s. Fan of  Texas Chainsaw 2 will enjoy the chainsaw on chainsaw sequence. This movie will defiantly will yield a cult following!



Currently in Theaters

Scare: 3 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Watch


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