Blood Fest

Blood Fest

Comedy Horror

Release Year: 2018


Owen Egerton



Tate Donovan

Seychelle Gabriel

Jacob Batalon

Robbie Kay

Horror fans are bound to be drawn to the premise of Hell Fest. Aficionados of the genre  might enjoy the film to a certain degree, large in part to obscure references laced throughout just for them. Even if that’s where it may stop for some. This film will not disappoint  average  horror fans, you know the fiends looking for there next fix!

The background for this film is basically what any fan would want, Halloween Horror Nights on crack. A festivals for fans of the genre to celebrate in weekend of mischief. 700 acres filled with the most common movie troupes. Whats not to love about that? How about, it’s all fucking real! Thats right, the fest has become a game of who could really survive within a real life horror scenario.

Now along with that comes the only bad thing I can say about this film. It does end up becoming the self aware film about movie troupes. Breathing more life into making that a real genre. All in all the production team over at Rooster Teeth did a fine job! Oh and to all the people that might give Owen Egerton shit for his acting. Cleary don’t get the “being the director that himself in the film” motif!

Currently on VOD and Limited Release

Scare: 3 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Watch


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