[Review] Ouija House

Ouija House  Horror/Thiller

Release Year: 2018


Jeff Miller

Justin Hawkins




Mischa Barton

Tara Reid

Carly Schroeder

Dee Wallace

I first got to view this film earlier this year at Texas Frightmare. Where I was a little less than impressed with this film. The premise for whats to unfold seemed good but I don’t think that the performances given by actors could save this movie. Not to say that the performances were great. Tara Reid does about as good as she’s done in any other film to date. Which doesn’t even matter being that she has very little screen time! That actually seems to be the theme for all the bigger name actor Dee Wallace and Tiffany Shepis role are minor at best.

For this to work for me the movie would have to do one of two things. Develop a mythology of how house came to be. Aside from half naked flash backs! or explore of option of something like the Franchise were everyone is brought together but have to use the house to figure out why before it’s too late. Basically this film is not worth the hour and half run time.

Currently on VOD

Scare: 1 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Pass


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