[Review] Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Pupper Master: The Littlest Reich  Horror


S. Craig Zahler

Charles Band (based on characters created by)

Kenneth J. Hall (based on characters created by)


Sonny Laguna

Tommy Wiklund




Thomas Lennon

Michael Paré

Charlyne Yi

Udo Kier

Now if you’re new to puppet master this movie is a easy watch but you will miss out back story. If you’re fan of this franchise, it’s an exciting and enjoyable entry. They’re is an entertaining elements found in this installment that adds such a dark and brutal tone.  Some of the dolls are redesigned to look somewhat darker and more sinister  than in the past but still retain quite familiar. Not to mention there are several puppet that have notable to damage or design to indicate that it may be older version of the doll.

The kill scenes do not shy away from the gore. Which I did rather enjoy! Some many gratuitous death scene. however, that also leads to one of the many problems in the story line. The film introduces you to character after character, for the sake of just getting murdered. It’s definitely a waste of time. I think I’m not alone in thinking maybe they could of explored/expanded the mythos of Andre Toulon.

Currently on VOD

Scare: 2.5 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Watch


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