Midnight Madness lineup at TIFF ’18

Although, I’ve never been to Tiff. I  a fame of midnight screening of Horror films. This years line has two major Players in it this time. The return of Micheal Meyers with David Gordon Green’s Halloween. Which if you haven’t listen to the fun facts episode, you all know I’m a fan of the franchise! It that wasn’t enough reason, there will also be the world premiere of Shane Black’s return to the Predator franchise. The Predator will be the Opening midnight film to Midnight Madness lineup.


Check out more info on their website.

Tiff Festival


Assassination Nation | Sam Levinson, USA
International Premiere

Climax | Gaspar Noé, France
North American Premiere

Midnight Madness Closing Film
Diamantino | Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt, Portugal/France/Brazil
North American Premiere


Halloween | David Gordon Green, USA
World Premiere


In Fabric | Peter Strickland, UK
World Premiere

The Man Who Feels No Pain | Vasan Bala, India
World Premiere

Nekrotronic | Kiah Roache-Turner, Australia
World Premiere

Midnight Madness Opening Film
The Predator | Shane Black, USA
World Premiere

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek | Henry Dunham, USA
World Premiere

The Wind | Emma Tammi, USA
World Premiere









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