[Review] The Meg

The Meg Horror, Sci-Fi, Action


Dean Georgaris

Jon Hoeber & Erich Hoeber


Jon Turteltaub




Jason Statham

Bingbing Li

Rainn Wilson

Cliff Curtis

If you’re looking to go to a gory horror movie. The Meg is not that movie! However, it not your traditional summer block buster either. There was enough times, the tension built and  the audience  jumped. There were a couple funny one liners that made me laugh. Plenty of good action sequences.  I think the only thing it’s missing is “R” rating. Jason Statham makes it through this whole film without spilling a drop of blood.  A bit of stretch if you ask me. For movie goers that want to see a shark film that’s fun for the family. The Meg does a wonderful job of not taking itself too seriously and is just a good summer film.

Currently in Theaters

Scare: 2 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Watch


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