Extinction Sci-Fi, Action


Spenser Cohen

Brad Kane


Ben Young




Michael Peña

Lizzy Caplan

Lex Shrapnel

Mike Colter

It’s simply a bad sci-fi film! Normally I would say such things with bias. But this time it is a sad truth. The acting in the film may be the only thing that keeps it from being a bore to watch. The setting for the film seems to be set in the distant future. Only to be unveiled later that the main characters actually don’t know where they truly are. What starts out as an alien invasion, quickly turns in to a bad invasion of the body snatcher. Coupled with some plot holes and bad CGI. This film leaves little to be desired.  This film is just a hard watch all around. Michael, Lizzy and Mike should just stick to their marvel paychecks!

Currently on Netflix

Scare: 0 out of 5

Watch or Pass: Pass

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