[Review] Victory Crowley

Victor Crowley was filmed in complete secrecy, with the succeeding  in keeping the secret until the  premiere last fall: Audiences gathered to watch what was billed as Hatchet 10th anniversary screening. Filming took place over the past couple of years.

Perry Shen returns as Andrew, trying to make a name for himself in the wake of Crowley’s disappearance.  Kathleen (Felissa Rose) his agent works a deal for him to return to the bayou. The body of the film coasts on slasher nostalgia. A lot of practical make up and effects. Although, some of the kill scenes look a little cheap or maybe the shot was just to long. Either way there is nothing here that a Hatchet fan wouldn’t like about the film.

Catering to hiVictor_Crowley_2017_Poster.jpegmself, I think Adam Greenhas truly made a film that he is proud of. That being said the film defiantly the weakest in the franchise. At times is can be a little too hammy. Crowley (Kane Hodder) personally starts to emerge in this installment. On the surface I thought it was sophomoric and then I remembered, Crowley is still just a kid. Hodder is plays into this heavy.  All in all, this is a fun entry and shouldn’t be missed.

Showing no signs of stopping there a little gem for fans at the end of the film. Cleary hinting that there’s more story to be told!



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